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State Road Cement Block FAQs




Can I paint masonry surfaces?

Yes. You can paint most bricks and masonry products with acrylic coatings or with a sealant that is specifically engineered to work with concrete.

How long should I wait before sealing my masonry surfaces?

Sealants can add an extra level of protection to your bricks, but you should wait for at least two weeks before applying any coating. This gives the surface time to settle and can help to prevent cracks.

How can I accent my masonry surfaces?

If you'd like to personalize your new patio or outdoor living space, you can use pigments that are engineered for concrete blocks. You can mix the pigment with your mortar to contrast with your surfaces, much like you would do if you were installing a new tile floor.

What is cultured stone?

Cultured stone is a veneer product that is made from cement. Since the product is a cost-effective alternative to traditional stone, it's a great way to stretch your budget and get the natural look that you love.

How can I keep my pavers and concrete blocks from shifting?

If you're using pavers in your landscape, you can use a restraint made of concrete or metal to keep the entire surface in place.

How are pavers installed?

You can easily install pavers by clearing your space and laying down a sand substrate. Install your pavers according to your preferred design and sweep some sand into the joints. When you're done, you can apply a sealant to protect your finished surfaces.